A personal message from Santa Claus

And so it begins, with only 4,325 shopping days until Christmas, it’s high time we start getting our Christmas promotions in order. Actually, that might seem a little cynical, but even if your company doesn’t start putting out Christmas promotions until December, the time to source everything you need is now.

My very first voice over job, well over a decade ago, was as the voice of Santa Claus to be used inside a shopping centre. Not only was it incredible fun to do, but it was the first time I actually got paid to do a funny voice, and that small stamp of approval was the beginning of the journey that lead me here – essentially doing exactly the same thing!

The voice for Santa is universally accepted as being that of a jolly old man with a penchant for pies, hence I’m able to identify with him instantly. Some prefer their Santa with more of a Scandinavian accent, some American, and many like a sort of mushed up international accent that one can’t really pin down to anywhere. After all, exactly how do they speak at the North Pole anyway?

Of course, being in the UK, many of our advertisers like our Santa British, and that certainly makes it easier for the children to understand because the chances are that any experience that they will have had of Santa will most likely to be in their own dialect. It costs quite a lot for the Grotto at Debenhams to fly in someone from Lapland, so they usually just hire a local.

Now let’s be clear – I’m not offering to put on the red suit and listen to a bunch of kids tell me what they want me to tell their parents to bring them for Christmas, but if your company does need the voice of Santa, be it for a commercial, seasonal greeting or even just to answer your phones for you, then please do let me know.

Here’s a taster for you: