A Star Wars Frozen Treat for Voice Over Advent 20

advent-calendar-12 Now some of you may well be thinking, “hold on a second Paul, I checked here yesterday and there was no Advent 19. What’s that about, huh?”

Well I won’t lie to you – yesterday turned out to be an incredibly packed day, leaving me no time whatsoever to put your treat together for you. Now, as there was no angry mob waiting for me on my doorstep when I got home, I am going to assume that you’ve forgiven me, so thanks very much. More importantly, don’t think this means that you’re going to get short changed on the treats, as today you get two:

Firstly, a classic text alert message with a lovely Christmas theme. If you were born later than 1980, this will mean very little for you:

Day 19

And second, to celebrate some space movie that came out this week, a look back at a little comedy song that I recorded last year. Regular readers of this blog will have already heard it but it still brings a smile to my children’s faces, so here it is again for you:

Only four more days of treats left, so I’ll see you all tomorrow.