Are you still looking for Father Christmas

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I LOVE this time of year. Not the whole good will to all men and decorations and all that, but because I get to bring out my Santa Claus impression and spread joy throughout the land.

This year I really decided to push my marketing efforts to the max. I had animations created, and also offered the voice of Father Christmas on a small selection of freelancer websites. The results have been fantastic. I’ve voiced promos, commercials, games, and even offer a service where Santa will call your home and speak with your kids. It’s the telephone equivalent of taking them to Santa’s Grotto, except that you don’t have to wait in a horrendous queue, worrying whether or not the organisers have done a background check on the guy in the red suit!

I’m having the most fun, and it’s not even December. The hope now is that I can find a bunch of radio stations who’ll want to speak with Santa live on Christmas day. I have everything I need for a live studio link up with any radio station in the world, so if it’s something that you would like to set up, please just let me know.

And, because it’s never too early to say it, Merry Christmas!