Bald is Beautiful – and Profitable too!

2015-05-19 07.11.25Now take a good look at that full head of hair that I’m showing off. See it? Exactly. I’ve been a card carrying member of the Slaphead Brigade since my mid twenties and I have never had a problem with it.

However, up until now, I’d never really thought that my shiny melon head could be good for anything other than increasing the glare off studio lights and really winding up cameramen. I mean seriously, just once could I please be in the studio audience of a TV show without someone pouncing on me with a sponge and a bucket of talcum powder?

But then everything changed. A few weeks ago, an audition was posted for a company that offer hair transplants in clinics across the USA. The line I had to read was a simple one – “Neograft presents, an honest moment about hair loss”.

I’m pleased to say that I got the job, and what made it extra special was that the client said that there was a real sense of earnestness in my read. I told him that my own physicality may well have had a part to play in it but none the less, everyone was pleased.

What I’ve put together is a composite of two commercials; mainly because one of them features another voice actor who I don’t know, so I’m unable to give him credit – which I would, because I’m nice like that.

So please enjoy it, and if you feel compelled, please also consider sponsoring me in this year’s Shine Walk for Cancer Research. This will be my 5th year of walking an entire Marathon across London at night and I really would appreciate any support that you can offer. You can donate at

Thank you.