My Christmas Opening Hours

Like every small business, it’s important that I let my customers know at what point, over the Christmas holidays, that they might struggle to reach me. They won’t. It’s also important that I let people know all of my travel plans, just in case I’m away from my studio on a day when a really […]

Voice Artists Have to Trust Strangers

Providing the voice over to a corporate video can often leave one feeling a little disconnected from the project. By the time we receive the script, the visuals may not have even been put together yet. We’re given an idea of pace and tone and then it’s up to us to interpret what our client […]

I need an explainer video yesterday!

We’ve all been there. The date of our exhibition is looming and almost all of the boxes have been ticked. Your stand furniture has been ordered, your graphics have arrived and you’ve agonised for several weeks over which pen to give away before finally making a decision. And the video presentation is good to go […]

I need an announcer for my conference

There used to be a time when it was felt that the period between September and October could be referred to as ‘Conference Season’. It was as if all the exhibition companies in the world decided that these two months were the very best time to get delegates to all come together and learn interesting […]

Where can I get the Voice of Santa?

Well, despite the fact that my earliest Santa Claus voiceover enquiries came in a couple of months ago, now really is the time to let people know where they can find the voice of Santa Claus. Now many blogs are written on the premise that they are providing advice, and if that advice should happen […]

Voice Over and Now…Radio Producer

Greetings blog fans, and thank you so much for taking time out of your busy, “Olympics on the Telly, might as Well Make a Day and then Night of It, we’re doing alright in the medals thanks very much,” schedule to read this blog. Today’s radio commercial comes with a story. The client uses me […]

I Need a Voice for my Genie

Well with Summer well under way and Christmas just around the corner, we can all relax, knowing that we are never too far away from a good pantomime (oh no we’re not…, stop it, I”m not doing that bit.) Indeed, just last week at Butlins my family and I were treated to a new pantomime […]

Voice Over Artist’s First Santa Claus Enquiry

I love Christmas. Not from the religious or even the commercial perspective, but from the fact that I get to bring joy to people of all ages as the voice of Santa Claus. When I started offering my services as Jolly Old St Nick a few years ago, I made a point of calling radio […]

A voice over artist’s out takes are still useful

Greetings blog fans and welcome to the first day of British Summer. I say that with a fair degree of irony as my walk from the station to the studio today left me wetter than a freshly caught eel, which is a wonderful way to pitch up to the first recording session of the day. […]

Web Animation Voice Over Artist

Greetings blog fans from all over the world and welcome to another round up of the week in voice over land. You know, a lot of people think that Voiceover Land would be horrible place to visit, where everyone just shouts at each other in increasingly louder and higher pitches in an attempt to out […]