Car Boot Tales – The Audiobook

Good morning blog fans, it seems like ages since I’ve written anything in here, and that would be because it has been. I’m certainly not without a good excuse, as all of my writing efforts have been poured into completing my book – Car Boot Tales, which is now available on Amazon at But […]

The creation of an ear worm

Good evening blog fans. Well, I say good evening as that’s when I’m writing this, but in my defence, I have absolutely no way of knowing when you’ll read this, so whenever it is – hello. The production of #Adsinthewronggenre took an interesting turn this week as I learned just how effective an annoying song […]

The Wrong Genre Revolution Continues

Hello blog fans, and after a week where snow meant that many people told their employers that they couldn’t leave their homes whilst they took care of nagging errands that couldn’t wake until the weekend, I thought I would bring you up to date with what’s been happening at AWG. AWG isn’t actually a company […]

Ads in the Wrong Genre – Part 3

Good morning Blog fans and welcome to another exciting week in the world of voice over. This week, another ‘advert’ from my series of Ads in the Wrong Genre. In this one, a high class jeweller and watch specialist from Hatton Garden is given a commercial more suited to a low brow double glazing company. […]

My new series

Greetings voice over fans and welcome to a new feature which I hope is going to prove popular. Last week I created a spoof advert where the genre chosen was completely wrong for the product in question. For some reason, I presented as the first in a series, painfully aware that I had not written […]

A Bit of Voiceover Fun

Good afternoon everybody. Well, I say that because I wrote this in the afternoon, but I guess you could be reading this at any time of the day, so good whatever to you too. A short post this week so that you can jump straight into the fun and enjoy a little video that I […]

Latest Video Game Trailer is Epic

Greetings gaming fans. As you know, I was privileged last year to be the voice of the Skaven priests in Warhammer, Total War II. The role was a lot of fun, although screaming battle cries as a giant psychotic rat didn’t do my voice any favours – or my psyche for that matter! So it […]

Time to reveal my Christmas campaign

Oh sure, I know what you’re thinking – bit early to start talking about Christmas isn’t it? Actually in this case, it’s a bit late. You see, in October of last year I was contacted by an old friend of mine who now looks after the marketing of a rather well known engine manufacturer. Their […]

My latest radio commercial production

Good morning everyone – I hope you’re having a special day. As we get closer and closer to Christmas, the demands for me to portray the voice of Santa get more and more interesting. Everything from a shopping centre greeting to a pre recorded message for someone to install in their Christmas decorations, and I […]

A Great Month for Voicing Video Games

Greetings gaming fans. This past month has been incredible for me in terms of video game releases. Not as a player unfortunately. Two young children in the house means that the very second I load something decent into a console, they’ll want to try it, dismiss it within 10 seconds as being too difficult and […]