Looking for a funny audiobook

Today’s title is straight and to the point, and is designed to entice the search engines to send people my way. I make no apology for that. Whilst writing this book may well have been a labour of love, it all falls to nothing if people aren’t actually aware that it exists, and in such […]

Yippee! The Full Audiobook is Now Live!

Yes indeed Car Boot Fans, the full audiobook of Car Boot Tales is now available at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Car-Boot-Tales-Daft-Curious/dp/B07LB81GCY, so if you’ve started to become impatient at waiting every day for your next instalment, you can now binge listen to the entire thing. It’s a lot like Breaking Bad, except that it’s 59 hours shorter and has […]

One more for the Advent Calendar

Still a full 11 more days of Advent for you, which will take you neatly up to chapter 23 of a 36 chapter book. Don’t worry, the full audiobook will be available very shortly but for now, please enjoy Chapter 13 – The Car Boot Supermarket.

Let’s talk about Diamonds

Good afternoon Car Boot Fans. I’m writing this at 1.30pm on a Thursday, which means that I have already been up for 9 hours. No, I wasn’t doing a boot sale – on Thursdays I attend my weekly BNI meeting; surrounded by my network of local business people who have supported me in exchange for […]

Chapter 11 – Negotiation

The Prime Minister continues to negotiate with the EU – these are big deals that are worthy of scrutiny, patience and a keen analytical mind. The same really is not the case when you want to try and knock 50p off of the price of a used saucepan. But then some people just believe that […]

My Favourite Chapter

Every writer has a favourite chapter, and this one is mine. I’ve been told by a few readers that this is the one that made them laugh out loud. One reader awoke the passenger next to him on the train, and another had to explain his outburst to an airport departure lounge. I don’t know […]

Day 10 of your Car Boot Tales Advent Calendar

Car Boot Tales started as a series of Facebook posts several years ago. The stories were kept short because anyone browsing through Facebook first thing in the morning is looking to get all of their information and entertainment in 300 words or less – and that’s being generous. This is one of those original stories, […]

Chapter 8 – Stories Sell

Good morning and welcome to Day 9 of your Car Boot Advent Calendar. By now, I hope you’re looking forward to these each morning with the same enthusiasm with which you push open the little flap on your real advent calendar in order to marvel at a Santa Claus shaped piece of chocolate. Today, we […]

Day 8 on your Advent Calendar

Good morning Advent fans. Today my children both woke up to the happy merriment of a micro sized packet of Haribo in their advent calendar. A small treat, but I think we can do better, as this advent calendar is sugar free and gives you up to 150% of your RDA of smiles. In today’s […]

Chapter 6 – The Pointless Agreement

Good morning Advent Fans and welcome to the end of your first week of Car Boot Tales Advent. Don’t worry – this isn’t a ‘business hours only’ arrangement – you can look forward to a new chapter both tomorrow and the next day, and the next. You know, like an actual advent calendar. Today, we […]