Can I get the guy from the X Factor to announce my event?

Yes. Yes you can. To be honest, it’s not really anything to do with me, I’m not him, but I can help.

His name is Peter Dickson, he’s a ruddy good bloke and if his fee is agreeable to you and provided he’s available, he’s all yours. Tell you what, here’s a link to his website – he won’t mind – perhaps you can even tell him I sent you!

The thing is, Peter is a celebrity, and that means you’re paying for more than a voiceover, you’re paying for a name and over three decades of experience. However, there are many corporate events that, no matter how extravagant, do need to work to a tighter budget. That’s where the Voice of God comes into play. I love that term – Voice of God – it almost suggests that the creator of the Universe just popped into a nearby arena to introduce the local function band for the evening! But let’s not get religious here.

Now the beauty of using a Voice of God announcer is that it can work out to be incredibly cost effective. For one thing, the announcer doesn’t actually have to be there – he or she (can I stick with ‘he’ please? I mean it’s fairly obvious I’m trying to promote myself here). All of the announcements can be pre recorded and your sound engineers can trigger each track on the night. That’s one less mouth to feed and if it’s a fair distance from home, one complimentary hotel room saved too!

Secondly, it’s easier too. Professional MCs get booked up months, perhaps years in advance. Using a voice over means that you can book someone just days before the event and still have a professional sounding show – no last minute headaches.

I’m delighted to say that I have introduced some amazing talent over the years, and all without even being in the room. Well, that’s not true – on a couple of occasions I was actually there as a guest of the organisers, but the announcements were all pre recorded, and it felt a bit weird my asking myself to take my seat – but I got used to it!