Car Boot Tales is Back!!!

NOX_1477Hello blog lovers, and welcome to a fun weekend here at The Voiceover Bunker, sometimes knows at The Voice Loft, The Voice Artist’s Artic and Voiceover Central. In all honesty, I have never named my office anything, but some of those names looked pretty cool so I figured I would just play to my SEO strengths and put them in there (hello little Google spider, don’t be scared, I just want to be your friend.)

Now some of you may well remember that last year I posted a daily account on some of the fantastic conversations I have had as a stall holder at a car boot sale. For our American friends, they’re kind of like a yard sale, except the yard is a field, there are at least 100 other stall holders there and you have to get up at around 5am on a Sunday morning for it to be even worth your while.

What makes it worth my while are the people who simply have to negotiate using any twisted logic they deem necessary. Anyway, either you read them all last year and are excited about a new instalment, or you’ve never read the first series before and would like to. I say series, we really are talking about 2 minutes of your time here, seriously.

Next week I’ll be back in the field and I may just throw a few more logic bombs into the mix to see the sparks fly. I promise that the people and stories will all be 100% real, apart from the jokes, so I’ll let you be the judge.

You can download the series 1 pamphlet, also available on a couple of post it notes, Car Boot Tales