What’s your customers’ first impression?

In my other life as a sales person, I make a lot of calls, and I do mean A LOT. We’re not quite talking call centre figures here but suffice to say that if it weren’t for the fact that my VOIP phone gives me free calls, the bill would be enough to reduce me […]

A personal message from Santa Claus

And so it begins, with only 4,325 shopping days until Christmas, it’s high time we start getting our Christmas promotions in order. Actually, that might seem a little cynical, but even if your company doesn’t start putting out Christmas promotions until December, the time to source everything you need is now. My very first voice […]

How can I find a narrator for my explainer video?

With every passing day, more and more of the content that you love online is transforming from text and graphics into video presentations. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find a landing page these days that doesn’t greet you with a video. Some of them are genuinely informative and will offer the visitor a call […]

Voice Artist Goes for a Walk

On the night of September 27th, I’ll be taking part in the Marathon Shine Walk to raise money for Cancer Research. It occurred to me that if every single one of my Twitter followers, Facebook friends, Google Plus Circle members and LinkedIn connections each sponsored me just one pound, that I could make a very […]

Why KFC is Bad for Your Brain

No doubt a title like that would have had numerous lawyers’ eyes start flipping over like fruit machines and landing on dollar signs, but there are two reasons why this should not be the case. First, because this is not a cartoon. Second, because this article is not about the brain enhancing or destroying properties […]

The voice over audition

Apparently, the lifespan of a tweet is a mere 18 minutes. That is to say that within those first 18 minutes, all of the retweets, likes and regrettable trolling will have reached its zenith, and all that’s left is 140 characters about something that you once thought. It doesn’t so much die, as just stop […]

Where can I get a voice over recorded at short notice?

Ah, we’ve all been there haven’t we? That oh so delightful client that tells us that they need something that usually takes 5 days, but they need it by tomorrow morning. It’s at times like these that I start feeling like Scotty from Star Trek – Captain Kirk would ask him how long it would […]

Ask me about my voice over business

As you may have gathered if you were looking for a page on novelty ringtones and celebrity impressions, I have, in my time, dabbled in such areas. That’s not really fair, I’ve recorded close to 1000 of the things and they continue to be a lot of fun. So much fun in fact, that I […]

How do I find a Voice Over Artist?

Well, the smart money is on Google. Let’s face it, whatever you’re searching for, that’s most likely where you’re going to start. Of course, depending on what you searched for, you could be looking at a selection of voice over’s pages, links to a bunch of voiceover agencies or you may well be looking at […]

Weak opening lines for cold callers

In this blog, I’d like to talk about the wonderful world of cold calling. I know, I know – you’ve probably had just the reaction that I was looking for, and that’s the point. The trouble is that we have all been there. It’s been a long and hard day at the office, various customers […]