Voice Over Artist Walks for Charity

Good morning blog fans. This week’s post will take a small break from my sharing my voice over stories to ask you all for a little bit of help. This Saturday night, I’ll be taking part in The Shine Walk for Cancer Research. For the fifth year in a row, I’ll be joining 16,000 other […]

Voice Artists Have to Trust Strangers

Providing the voice over to a corporate video can often leave one feeling a little disconnected from the project. By the time we receive the script, the visuals may not have even been put together yet. We’re given an idea of pace and tone and then it’s up to us to interpret what our client […]

Where can I get the Voice of Santa?

Well, despite the fact that my earliest Santa Claus voiceover enquiries came in a couple of months ago, now really is the time to let people know where they can find the voice of Santa Claus. Now many blogs are written on the premise that they are providing advice, and if that advice should happen […]

Web Animation Voice Over Artist

Greetings blog fans from all over the world and welcome to another round up of the week in voice over land. You know, a lot of people think that Voiceover Land would be horrible place to visit, where everyone just shouts at each other in increasingly louder and higher pitches in an attempt to out […]

How Do I Find the Right Voice Over?

First of all, this post has absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars. I like to put a little image in the top left hand corner which bears some reflection on what I’m talking about, and as I am imparting wisdom, I went for my favourite wise character. There are A LOT of voice over […]

Does a voice over artist need an agent?

For any of you reading this on the day that I wrote it, Happy April Fools’ Day – if indeed such a sentiment can be expressed. Believe it or not, my wife and I saw some really weird stuff on Facebook this morning and it was only around 30 minutes day, whilst giving the kids […]

My latest explainer video voice over

I love recording explainer videos. In the mix of providing so many character voices on a day to day basis, it always serves as a moderate ego boost when people hire me for my own, natural speaking voice. It’s a voice of which I’ve never really been too much of a fan, but my awesome […]

You’ve been patient – here’s Voice Over Advent 15

Here it is, the long awaited sequel to Advent 14. Seriously, I can’t imagine anything being more widely anticipated this week. Unless you like Star Wars. Which I actually do – quite a bit. Today’s voiceover advent treat comes with a warning: Yeah, that’ll do. The bottom line is that this is a short comedy […]

Time for Voice Over Advent Day 9

Now it is possible that some amongst you may be thinking, “Hang on a second Paul, how come you’re late this morning?” A reasonable question, but calm down and I’ll explain. For anyone who has not been following my exploits on social media over the past few days, I can tell you that I have […]

Voice Over Artists can’t call in sick

Last Wednesday, I celebrated my 45th birthday. My family bought my a lovely array of simple, yet very practical gifts which made me very happy. Sadly, my least favourite gift came from my immune system – it was a virus. Now let me make one important distinction here. I am not claiming to be suffering […]

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