Time for Voice Over Advent Day 9

Now it is possible that some amongst you may be thinking, “Hang on a second Paul, how come you’re late this morning?” A reasonable question, but calm down and I’ll explain. For anyone who has not been following my exploits on social media over the past few days, I can tell you that I have […]

Voice Over Artists can’t call in sick

Last Wednesday, I celebrated my 45th birthday. My family bought my a lovely array of simple, yet very practical gifts which made me very happy. Sadly, my least favourite gift came from my immune system – it was a virus. Now let me make one important distinction here. I am not claiming to be suffering […]

Voice over for children’s TV

Whenever embarking on a new business venture, every one of us has what we refer to as our ‘dream client’ – that one project that makes you feel that you are on the right track and that this is where your business wants to be. In the world of voice over, we’re generally more in […]

How do Voice Overs record when on holiday?

Ahh, that well known quandary that exists amongst all us voiceover folk – to truly take a holiday or not. Now when I say ‘truly take a holiday’, I mean time spent away from the working world where no work is done whatsoever. Well, anyone with a smartphone will tell you that that’s become pretty […]

Where can I find a voice over for my Facebook app?

Welcome to the dizzying heights of app development. If you’re new to the game, I wish you the very best of luck, and if you’re a seasoned veteran, then you must be doing something right to still be here! Apps are not a new concept. When computers first entered our homes in the late seventies, […]

How to negotiate with a voice over artist

If you search around any number of voice over groups on social media, you’ll find that there’s one thread that rears its head time and again, and it’s generally a concern (by which I mean moan) at how our rates are being continually knocked down by a combination of clients with tight budgets, entry level […]

The Greatest Voice Over Article Ever – FACT!

Today, ladies and gentlemen, whilst you find yourself worshipping at the alter that is air conditioning, promises to be the most fulfilling day of your lives. Forget your wedding day, the birth of your children or that time you met Gregg Wallace off of Masterchef, because this, this one right here, this is the day. […]

Old Style Pathe Newsreader Voice

The Pathe newsreader voice has proven incredibly popular in corporate presentations and radio commercials, and ordinarily, the voice is used to spoof the classic style of newsreading which dates back to a time when people actually had to go the cinema to watch the news. Other people looking to parody such voices will look to […]

How voice overs get to Page 1 on Google

Like any small business, my voice over services are advertised in an ever increasing number of ways. Interestingly, these adverts are not only designed to attract customers, but also to attract other advertisers – by which I mean search engines – because the more presence you have, the more up the search engine rankings you […]

Use Social Networks to Get More Voice Over Work

Hello blog lovers, and of course a very special hello to the Google robot currently reading this document and deciding to put me on Page 1 of the search results of anyone looking for a male voice over artist. If indeed that search lead you here, then welcome, and please do help yourself to a […]