Day 3 of your Audio Advent Calendar

Welcome to Day 3 of your Audio Advent Calendar where, this year, Santa Claus reads your favourite movie monologues. Today, a simple passage from the bible, made all the more sinister when recited by Samuel L Jackson playing the role of Julius in Pulp Fiction, right before he killed his victims. Just picture that when […]

Day 2 of your Audio Advent Calendar

Welcome to Day 2 of your Audio Advent Bit of Silliness. Today, a classic from the Star Wars Universe as Master Yoda addresses Luke for the first time, as read by Santa Claus. If you have a specific movie monologue you’d like read by Santa, then please do drop me a line.

It’s Time for your Audio Advent Calendar!

Over the forthcoming weeks, this blog is going to see a major overhaul, as we take this site into the roaring 20s with content that will make those lovely people at Google tell you that when you’re looking for a British Male Voice Over Artist, that this is the place to go. But before any […]

The Voice of Santa Claus

No, I’ve not grabbed an article from last Christmas and accidentally copied and pasted it on the wrong date. As I write this, it’s August 9th and whilst many people are rushing down to the shops for their last minute purchases of sun tan lotion and bug repellant, this voice over artist is turning his […]

How to become a Dubbing Voice Over Actor

As a voice over actor, the spectrum of work that comes in on a daily basis is what makes the job truly fun. Every voice over artist will strive to find what they consider their niche. Some voice artists will have developed their careers through one established and well regarded voice which works within a […]

Where to find a cheap voice over

Where can I find a cheap voice over?  Your business is thriving, and you have a new product or service that you are ready to share with the world. Your research on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter have lead to you to one very simple confusion – that video is the number 1 method with which to truly […]

Where can I get a voice over for my animation project?

Good morning to you and welcome to today’s blog, where I enjoy a trip down memory lane. Many years ago, I was asked to travel up to Manchester to record a voice over for a new amusement park ride. I had not been to Manchester before and so I decided to contact some other studios […]

Voice over for corporate video

Happy New Year to you, which really only feels relevant if you’re reading this within the first ten days of January, after which it just seems weird. Well I’m writing this on January 7th and with any new year, comes the desire to renew certain other aspects of one’s life as well. For me, that’s […]

And for one more time….

Well good morning and a Happy Christmas Eve to one and all. As I write this, it’s just gone 8am, which means that by this time tomorrow, many of us will have already been up for a good three hours, albeit against our will. And so it is that we open the last door on […]

Only one more day left

I know, I know – you’ve been eagerly jumping onto your machines every day to get your next fix of Car Boot Tales and you’ve now realised that after tomorrow, it will all be over. What a cruel thing to do to you on Christmas Eve. Well don’t worry, the full book is available at […]