Comic Relief 2017

This Friday, the 24th March, it’s time once again for us to all come together and celebrate Red Nose Day for Comic Relief.

Red Nose Day holds a very special place in my heart. Some 28 years ago, I arranged for my college to put on a series of events throughout the day in order to raise money for Comic Relief. The centrepiece was an 8 hour, non stop roadshow in the heart of town where I acted as MC.

Throughout the day people asked me if I was on the radio, and when I told them that I wasn’t, they all told me that I needed to be. It was an incredible compliment but, most importantly, it lead me to pursue a career in front of a microphone, so I essentially owe my voice over career to the good people at Comic Relief.

So this year, in the spirit of continued silliness, I am going to spend all of Friday recording what I’m calling Mundane Movie Trailers. Tell me something very mundane that you’re doing, and I’ll turn it into a movie trailer and email it back to you. You could use it as a ringtone, or just a silly bit of fun to share with your friends.

The trailers cost just £5 and 100% of the money raised will be given to Comic Relief. If you click on the Paypal Button below you’ll be charged £5.45 which covers the Paypal fees and allows me to give the full £5 that I want to to Comic Relief. If you’d prefer to log on to your own Paypal account to “send money to friends” in order to avoid fees, then just fill out your details on the contact form on the right and I’ll email you straight back with the details on how to do that.

When you do fill out your details, please remember to put the details of the mundane task in the ‘instructions to seller’ box, otherwise I’ll have no idea what you want. You’re welcome to tell me by filling out your details on the contact form, but the first way is much quicker.

You can also listen to a selection of the trailers that have already been produced by clicking on this blog post. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview:

On behalf of Comic Relief, thank you for your support.