Corporate Video Voice Over – my latest project

SafariScreenSnapz002Well it has been one busy week here at Voice Over Towers. I mean, it’s not really a group of towers – it’s not even one tower, it’s actually a town house, but Voice Over Towers sounded cool.

As was announced recently, I’ve been asked to be the voice of current affairs programming for Phoenix TV in China, which is very exciting news. But things certainly didn’t slow down at that point. Over the course of the next few weeks I will share samples with you of all of the voiceover work that I’ve done recently, and I’m both thrilled and grateful to have been asked to be the voice of these projects.

One in particular was for an animation company with whom I’d worked before. Their clients had already used me for one video, and the arrangement worked well. I was able to record in my studio whilst both the animators in their office, and their clients in their own offices, were all able to listen in real time. That meant live direction so that the client got exactly what they wanted.

Once the recording was complete, I edited out all of the stuff they they didn’t want and emailed them the completed audio. The whole process took under an hour, and that was important, as the client was flying out of the country the following day and wanted to be able to approve the audio.

Below you can see the finished article. As well as providing the voice of the narration, I also provide all of the vocal effects that you’ll hear throughout the video – all at no extra charge!

You’ll find more samples of my corporate video voice over demos throughout the site, and if you’d like me to audition for your script, please do get in touch.