The creation of an ear worm

call-communication-contact-face-41372Good evening blog fans. Well, I say good evening as that’s when I’m writing this, but in my defence, I have absolutely no way of knowing when you’ll read this, so whenever it is – hello.

The production of #Adsinthewronggenre took an interesting turn this week as I learned just how effective an annoying song can be.

The plan was to create a Wrong Genre advert for a team of architects. As members of my BNI Networking chapter, their MD regularly speaks about party walls. Posing as an agency who never understand their brands, the word ‘party’ was all the information I needed.

I wanted to spoof the chatline adverts that plagued the UK television screens in the 1990s. Back then the most well known number was for a company called Chatback. The advert went like this:

So I created a new advert but used the client’s real telephone number – grouping it in such a way as to become memorable, and that’s when the fun began. The number in question has 11 digits, and that works really badly against a 4/4 dance rave track. The good news there is that the bad grouping actually made the advert even funnier. But what’s strange is that my kids now keep singing the number back to me. They’ve only heard the advert two or three times and the number has actually stuck!

And so it is that I tip my hat to the creators of that original annoyance, because in hindsight it was a work of marketing genius, thinly disguised as a piece of crap. Here’s what mine sounded like: