Does my Supermarket think I’m Stupid?

I wonder if you find yourself with a similar dilemma – it’s late in the evening, and because your local supermarket now opens 24 hours a day, apart from Saturday night when I’m most likely to want a cheesecake at 3am, you’ve gone to do a little bit of shopping.

All of a sudden, you’re faced with an offer like this:

DSC_0129Now in case you can’t quite make it out, here are your options: You can buy 50ml of toothpaste for £1.79 or 100ml of the exact same brand at half price, a mere £1.34. Seriously, is anyone actually going to buy the 50ml version? Who are these people? Travellers who have calculated that the extra 4cm taken up by the bigger tube will push their luggage allowance over the edge?

Of course these aren’t the only crimes against logic being perpetrated right under our noses, oh no. Over the months and years I’ve picked up a few more:

Dairylea Cheese Slices – perfect for the burgers that you’ll be doing on the BBQ this weekend if the temperature goes about 14 degrees, because we Brits love any excuse to walk down the high street with our shirts off, pick up some charcoal and then burn things. 16 slices will cost you £1.86. Not bad. However, 8 slices will cost you £1.25 and this week it’s buy one, get one free! What moron is going to be buying the 16 pack?

Caffeine Free Diet Coke – my wife drinks it so don’t judge me. A pack of 8 cans for only £3.50, or if you prefer, you can take home a pack of 12 cans for…..wait for it…..£3.50!

Fabric Softener – 1.5l for just £3.37, or you can buy 750ml for £1.67. Now if you don’t have a calculator handy (you do by the way, you’re reading this on a computer, so there’s one in there) this means that 2 bottles is a whole 3p cheaper, but the bigger problem is that this means that the supermarket is actually encouraging me to buy and ultimately dispose of more plastic. Given that these people claim that they’re doing all they can to save the environment, that seems a little backward to me.

But I mentioned a dilemma at the start of this blog, so here it is – it’s late at night and you’ve discovered these ridiculous deals being offered. As if by magic, the shopkeeper appears. Well, I say shopkeeper, obviously this is a multinational organisation, but the phrase, “As if by magic, the woefully under aged Duty Manager appears” just don’t have the same ring to them. So do you bother pointing this out to them?

Of course not. What would be the point? They don’t make the decisions and that’s pretty much all they’re going to tell you, along with a sincere shrug of the shoulders and a slightly embarrassed chuckle.

Trouble is, we NEED to speak up. Sure, the person in the store probably can’t help and it’s not their fault, but there must be someone we can take this to. Perhaps you know them and can forward them this blog. Better yet, share it with everyone and let’s turn it viral, because let’s face it, the trip to the supermarket is miserable enough without our having to worry if we’ve banged our heads on the way in.