End of Another Week and it’s Voiceover Advent Day 18

adventcalendar-1 Many of you will be mentally preparing yourselves to do battle on the high street tomorrow, and all feeling just a little less smug about not being sucked into the whole Black Friday thing “like the rest of those sheep”.

Try not to panic though, and always remember it’s the thought that counts. Seriously, whoever came up with that concept? “Well son, I THOUGHT about getting you an X Box One for Christmas, but here’s a satsuma.” Yeah, good luck with that.

None the less, some gifts are priceless – by which I mean free – and today’s is another text tone for you to install in your mobile.

As we approach the final week of this thing we call Advent, please do submit your suggestions and special requests and I’ll do my very best to ensure that they appear on here.

You know the drill by now – simply right click on the Day 18 link below and then use it however you like. Although maybe not as a salad dressing – that would just be weird.

Day 18