Even more silliness

Several months ago, a colleague at work came up with a silly idea. It was a simple enough concept – what if we took “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from Disney’s Frozen, and instead have it being sung by Darth Vader and change it to “Do You Want to Build a Deathstar”.

I instantly loved the idea, and set to writing the lyrics immediately. And seriously, when I say “immediately”, that’s exactly what I mean. I love writing lyrics and with a few tweaks here and there from my colleague, the words were done.

Then I went into the studio, did a bunch of research on how to reproduce Vader’s voice without buying one of those voice changer helmets and set to work.

Funny thing about doing an impression like this. You have no real frame of reference because of course, the real Vader never sang, so there’s really not a lot you can work with there.

The plan after that was to grab a bunch of Star Wars visuals, edit them all together to tie in with the new words, release it on YouTube, become a viral sensation, make a decent sum of money and then relax and enjoy our free time.

But we’re not video editors. Well, not professional ones anyway, so whilst it could be months before the video is fully produced, I just decided to put this out there. It’s already on Facebook and Twitter and it’s getting shared so let’s hope it becomes truly popular.

Enjoy and share. You know, like Coca Cola, only not so fizzy.