Fantastic New Darts App Now Available

I’m delighted to say that this week sees the launch of a really cool Darts app, available for iOS, Android and coming soon to Windows 8. Regular readers of this blog (no? just me? OK) will remember that I mentioned providing the voiceover for this app and it was no small task.

Each score from 1 to 180 had to be recorded and edited as separate sound files, and then on top of that I had to provide several different inflections for the words ‘no score’, and as I’m new to the game, it’s a phrase I’ve been hearing rather a lot, especially when trying to close out on a double.

You can play against the machine or against actual human beings online, which is cool, and the best part is – it’s totally FREE! So please do give it a go, you can get it by clicking on the appropriate links at the end of this blog.

And you can also visit the app’s very own Facebook Page too. I hope you like it, but be warned, it is dangerously addictive. Perhaps it could be the next Candy Crush Saga……hmmmm……should have asked for more money.

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