Foreign Dubbing now available

As my many Facebook friends (both of you) will know, for the past couple of months I been working hard on the dubbing of a 34 part drama series from Chinese into English.

The project is still ongoing, but as I have only 4 episodes left to record, I thought it was time to start actually posting some video of what I’ve been doing.

As dubbing is to become a very large weapon in my voice over arsenal, I have written a page entirely dedicated to how it all works in our studio, and as we are awarded more and more projects, I will post more and more videos.

We’ve learned that the Chinese government award money to those production companies who export their shows and films to English speaking territories. Sometimes, that money alone can see the show running at a profit before it’s even broadcast!

Clearly, that’s a very large market and so more and more companies in China are looking to partner with UK studios simply to maintain a high level of output. Late nights and long days are the order of business, and certainly no one works harder than our Chief Engineer, Director and World Class Barista – John Harley – without whom none of what we do would be possible.

So the video is on the dubbing page, but if you’d prefer to half the number of clicks it takes you to navigate this site, you can always click on the movie below. This is not in high definition as I’ve grabbed a simple clip to show you what I’ve been up to. The full show has incredible production values, a great story and a very talented cast.