How can my Hold Music make me More Money?

This is a blog about making more money. Regrettably, the internet is literally bursting at the seams with people telling you how you too can make $100,000 in just 14 seconds, just as long as you’re prepared to sit through a video presented by some guy in a rented sports car driving up to the expensive house that he clearly rented for the hour so that he could make the video.

Call me cynical but really? Really though? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been fooled before and tried one, but it wasn’t so much a ‘get rick quick’ scheme as a ‘part with some money now and then part with a bit more money and then, oh yes, just one more special offer, what do you mean you want to leave this page, you’ve not got to the super special secret formula that will only be on line for the next 11 seconds’ scheme.

But I digress, because actually, I want to talk to you about your company’s hold music. Do you know that the average business caller spends around forty hours every year waiting on hold. Granted, 35 of those hours are probably to their mobile service providers customer support line, but the other hours are still important.

And there’s so much choice when we’re put on hold – dreary music, uplifting music, relaxing music, beeps with no music, a message that thanks us for waiting every seven seconds until our brain starts to dissolve and fall out through our ears, or of course, everyone’s personal favourite – complete silence.

When surveyed, 88% of people said that they would rather listen to company information above everything else. What’s more, out of that same group of people, 78% said that they were genuinely influenced by the information that they had heard.

So what does that mean to you? It means that you need to take a look at what your customers hear when they’re put on hold, because without something to listen to, a good 60% of customers will simply hang up, and half of those people will never call again.

The solution, you’ll be pleased to hear, is very simple. If your telephone system allows you to change what’s played when people are on hold, you can have a bespoke audio file created that will speak to an already captive audience, boosting sales by up to 20%.

Not convinced? Try this real life story. A carpet cleaning company had a regular client for the past 4 years. Twice a year for those past 4 years they had cleaned his entire home. They left brochures, sent mailers and he always had the same service. When he called for his last appointment, he was placed on hold whilst the receptionist grabbed the diary, and in the 15 seconds he was waiting, he heard that they company treated carpets for pet allergens. When they returned to his call, he asked how much it was and promptly booked it – DOUBLING THE VALUE OF HIS ORDER!

You see, the pet treatment was not a new service, they had always offered it, but he just didn’t hear them, but placed in buying mode, he was more than happy to pay that little bit extra.

As well as providing the voice for your messages, I can help write the script and provide you with copyright free background music, allowing your callers to truly focus on the sales messages you’d like to present.

There’s no contract and you don’t have to sign up for regular updates, unless of course you want to. Contact me today and we’ll talk about how I can help you.