I need a Narrator for my Web Video

Several months ago I decided it was time for my website (you know the one, you’re looking at it right now) to receive a much needed makeover. The commercial voiceover demo needed updating, the cartoon voice over page had some great new content that I wanted to share, and I wasn’t even demonstrating my skills as a Voice of God announcer.

All in all, the site was tired and the SEO was poor. After a lot of research, I found a great company – Avara Web Media – and their understanding of good design and SEO filled me with confidence.

One thing that was made clear from the beginning, is that if you really want to engage with your visitors from the moment they arrive, you simply have to include video. Many large organisations will have similar budgets that they would use for their TV advertising, but for the small to medium sized companies, there are numerous options. My personal favourite is animation.

There are a great number of sites that offer library characters and backgrounds and with the investment of just a few hours, you can put together something simple yet engaging for your customers. However, whilst many will offer library music and show your messages as text on screen, if you really want the video to jump out and grab people, you’ll need a narrator.

Obviously, this is where the build of my site had an advantage – I am a narrator, and there are demos of what I can do all over this site, but something got me thinking – perhaps Avara could use the services of a narrator too. After all, if they were passionate about getting video onto their clients’ sites, would it not reflect really well on them if they had their very own voice talent available?

Well, they do, and below is just one example of a video that they’ve had produced for their clients. And if you need things done in a hurry, you should know that this video was on the client’s site within 24 hours of the audio being delivered.