In my latest commercial, I am a DOG!

No, no, I don’t mean ‘Dog’ as in some sort of womaniser – I mean an actual dog.

This particular commercial was directed live by a team in Singapore using Skype. The main challenge here was in setting up the studio so that everything would work smoothly, and I shared a post on how I did that a few weeks ago, so please click here if you want to have a read of that.

What was most fun about this was that the director knew that he wanted this character to be unsophisticated, but when the session first started, there was no definite accent in mind, and this meant that I got to play – trying out a variety of accents and styles until the client decided which one he liked best.

What was great was that the time liked all of them, and so they were left to whittle things down from a choice of five different voices, and naturally, their choice is what you’ll hear below.

The magic of technology meant that I never actually met or even spoke with the other actor in the commercial, and whilst I would love to give him credit and offer you a link to his website, at the time of my recording he had not even been cast, so I don’t even know his name.

The sad fact is that whilst my voice has been heard alongside some truly great, and some famous performers, for the most part I work alone. More about that in a future blog.

Until next time