It’s Voice Over Advent Day 6

AdventCalendar03 And a very good Sunday morning to you too.

I hope that you’ve been enjoying these little voice over treats. It’s been a great year for me in this industry and I’m delighted to just be sharing a little something with you each day in the hopes of raising a smile.

Today, music – and no, not a ringtone. Now chances are that regulars to my site will have already heard this, but to any of you newcomers out there, please click below for a little treat.

You’ll recognise the song and the singers immediately, and all you need to know is that every voice you hear is mine.

I’ll see you tomorrow for another treat and by the way, if you do have any requests for an advent treat, please do let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Paul J Rose tribute to Perfect Day – all voices are my own by Paul Rose on Mixcloud