Latest Video Game Trailer is Epic

total-war-warhammer-2-2017331173Greetings gaming fans. As you know, I was privileged last year to be the voice of the Skaven priests in Warhammer, Total War II.

The role was a lot of fun, although screaming battle cries as a giant psychotic rat didn’t do my voice any favours – or my psyche for that matter!

So it was with joy that I was asked to return the studios of Creative Assembly to voice another character. This time – a tomb king. I felt confident going into the audition for several reasons: 1 – They already knew what I could do and we had all enjoyed working together and 2 – the part called for a voice which was, and I quote, “half English, half Egyptian.” For those of you who don’t know, my father is from Salisbury and my mother is from Cairo.

Several different permutations of the characters were auditioned. At one point I started to sound a lot like General Grievous from Star Wars, and I have to take my hat off to the four actors who have portrayed that role across Star Wars’ various different guises, as it really does take a lot out of you.

Fortunately, it’s not the voice they went for, and whilst I cannot share any of the stuff I recorded just yet – mainly because it’s all ‘in game’, I can share the trailer for this new character with you, and as trailers go, this one is pretty darn cool: