The One Minute Compressor

summer-garden-dinner-eatingWelcome to The One Minute Compressor – a three hour course that will help you craft the most powerful and effective elevator pitches and networking presentations EVER!

Why is it call The Compressor? It’s quite simple. Charcoal is useful – we can heat ourselves with it, cook food on it, some of us have even started cleaning our teeth with it! But if you compress it, then it goes from being useful to being truly valuable.

This won’t be like any other training course you’ve tried before. Presented much more in the format of a drama workshop, we will come together as a think tank to help each other create our own diamond presentations – ready to dazzle anyone with whom you hope to do business.

Every course is different, because every team is different, and you’ll be working in a cooperative environment – challenging each other to look at your own businesses from a different perspective.

Do you want to just hand over your business card to every prospect you meet or do you want your next best customer asking you for a meeting?

The courses are limited to 15 people and the date and venue of our next course is below, so come and try something which promises to be eye opening and fun.

Our next course is on Wednesday 9th May from 7pm to 10pm at The Radlett Centre, Radlett, which is on the corner of Watling Street and Aldenham Avenue. Click on the Buy Now button to reserve your space. If you can’t make that date, please drop me a line from the contact form on the right and let me know a date and location which would work for you and we’ll talk about building a workshop to suit you.