The One Minute Compressor

brainstorming-businesswomen-colleagues-1093913Are you a member of a networking organisation like BNI, 4N or Business Buzz? Do you regularly have to stand in front of a room full of people and present your business in sixty seconds or less?

I’ve been a member of BNI for ten years now, and in that time, I have offered advice and tips to my fellow members on how they might improve their presentations. We weren’t just looking at body language and confidence, but also at their content.

Eventually, a member told me that I should run larger workshops so that more people could benefit from such advice, so now I do. The One Minute Compressor is not like your typical training course. It’s not me at the front with a Powerpoint Presentation and a flip chart. No, over the course of three hours you’ll become part of a creative think tank – helping other people work on their presentations whilst, of course, we all work on yours too.

The effects are truly transformative – just listen to a few satisfied attendees:

And if you’d like to be a part of it, then my next workshop is taking place on Wednesday 17th July at 6.30pm in Borehamwood in Hertfordshire. If that’s too far for you, then please get in touch and let’s talk about getting a group together where you are. One to one coaching is available, but the workshops are so much more fun!

For tickets, click on this link: