My Clients

I have worked with some fantastic clients over the years, and as the list continues to grow, I’d like to briefly tell you about some of them here:

Google Google were promoting the success of mobile ads on smartphones. The video had already been voiced for the American market but they wanted to have local accents for every country where the video would be seen and selected me for the UK voiceover.

Disney SmallDisney’s on line game Toontown was already enjoying worldwide success. Disney were looking for someone to be the voice of a reporter for a fake news report that would serve as an advert for the game. You can hear more of that by clicking on my Cartoon page.

ITV Bingo ITV Bingo needed some advert bumpers for their sponsorship of Dickenson’s Real Deal and The Chase. In case you didn’t know (and I didn’t before I did this), an advert bumper is that little amusing bit you get either side of the advert break to tell you who’s sponsoring the show. Here they wanted an old fashioned, upper classed auctioneer. You can view a small montage of mine on my TV Voice Over Artist page.


But my journey into the world of Bingo had only just begun. Several weeks after the ITV voice overs were broadcast, Foxy Bingo found themselves looking for someone to play the voice of Foxy – not within the UK market, but for their new launch in Sweden. They liked the character I created and so Foxy Sweden had a voice. You can watch the advert here

NHS This job was a particular favourite as the NHS were looking to push a series of comical sexual health videos where the lead characters would be talking genitalia. Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity. I play all the characters and they were tremendously good fun to put together. My favourite is here

Facebook At the top of the page I mentioned doing localisation work for Google. Well the same company who recorded me for them were also looking for someone to voice the UK versions of some on line videos for Facebook ads. Pleased with the work I had previously done for Google, they chose me.

Of course there are hundreds of other clients that I could mention here, and I am grateful to each and every one of them for using me.