My latest explainer video voice over


I love recording explainer videos. In the mix of providing so many character voices on a day to day basis, it always serves as a moderate ego boost when people hire me for my own, natural speaking voice.

It’s a voice of which I’ve never really been too much of a fan, but my awesome coaches have helped me to appreciate and market it accordingly. The joy of explainer videos is that the client is not really looking for a sales person or even a corporate spokesperson – they’re looking for the friend that you invite over for coffee and then ask to teach you how to use that new piece of software or set up your new telly.

It’s a voice that assumes a fair degree of intelligence and understanding on your part and, to that extent, is like a vocal welcome mat on your website. The fact is that people would much rather watch a video than read a piece of text. Our attention is held for longer, and indeed those of us with ridiculously short attention spans will make a point of looking at just how long the video is before we click play. “One minute and thirteen seconds? Well I’ll give it 15 seconds and if I’m not bored I might just carry on!”

Perhaps the humble blog will go in the same direction, eventually replaced by podcasts so that reading becomes a thing of the past. I certainly wouldn’t rule it out – in fact you’re just one click away from having this whole thing read to you – I wonder which version of this blog you went for?

So here’s a link to my latest explainer video – I think the animation is great and I’m delighted to say that the client in question was so pleased with it, that they’ve recently had me back to record another.

Until next time, thanks for listening…or reading…which did you choose?