My latest radio commercial

It’s always such a pleasure when a particular client decides that you are going to be the voice of their brand. Like a proud graphic designer whose logo will be seen by thousands of people, a voice over artist can take a little bit of pride every time their client’s advert is broadcast, be it on radio, TV or the internet.

Orkney K9 is a dog and puppy training service on the isle of Orkney, which is North of Scotland. At the time of posting this, Scotland is one day away from voting on it’s independence. I must admit, I’m not a great follower of current affairs and so it’s probably best if I make no comment at all on the subject. After all, if you want to read about politics, what are you doing on the site of a voice over artist? Unless of course, you’re a major political party looking for a new voice for your next event or campaign – in which case, you might want to take a look at my Voice of God or Commercial pages.

Below is the latest ad, and it’s currently being broadcast on The Super Station in Orkney. The voice was recorded and edited by me in my Pro Tools studio, and then that track was sent to the station where music and sound effects were added. The time from script to broadcast was less than 24 hours, but if you’re in radio and need things even quicker, then that is not a problem, so please just ask.