Rock music radio commercial

From time to time, I get to enjoy a particular side to voice over of which I would love to do a lot more, and that is singing.

I was contacted by a production company who were looking to produce a radio commercial to be broadcast on a station on the Isle of Guernsey. Nothing odd about that – I’m always delighted to get those calls, but then it got interesting, when they explained that it was a thirty second jingle that they were looking to get sung.

Needless to say my interest was peaked and so we got to work. I was sent the backing track, along with a guide vocal that someone there had recorded for me. Their client had asked that the vocals have a ‘rock’ feel to them and wondered if it was possible to add a little bit of harmony whenever the client’s name was sung.

This was going to be fun. My natural singing voice doesn’t really lend itself to rock, and so I was going to have to sing in character. Plus, with only a guide vocal to work from, if I was going to add any harmonies, I would need to work them out for myself.

And that was the first hurdle. You see, a long time ago my studio was home to three keyboards, two rack mount synthesizers and enough software to recreate anything that could be banged out in Ibiza this summer. Except now it doesn’t. As I began to focus on voice and less on music, those keyboard were simply being used as shelves, hence I made the decision to sell them.

I still have a piano in the house – except that it is three stories down from where I’m sat right now and that would mean a lot of exercise. Enter faithful iPad and some piano software and I was ready to go.

Now I am no producer, but I do know that untreated vocals do sound awfully rough – even if they are in tune. None the less I sent my efforts over to the production company and told them to mix away to their hearts content and this is what was created.

The spoken part in the middle is not me – I can’t take credit for that – but all the singing (and we are talking 4 part harmonies here) is. Enjoy: