My latest TV commercial

Followers of me on Facebook will know that, several weeks ago, I was asked to voice a charity appeal for a TV commercial.

For those of you that don’t know, the station advised me, after I had finished the job, that they paid slightly less for charity commercials than their normal rate. However, as they acknowledged that they had not told me this, they offered to pay me their standard rate.

I went one better, asking that they pay me the reduced rate and that they pay the difference directly to the charity, by way of a donation.

Now this particular charity has religious affiliations, as indeed does the channel on which it was aired. I don’t share that particular religion but I saw absolutely nothing wrong on putting my voice to a company that was helping people in need. But this is not a blog about how we can all be better human beings – such offerings do little to bolster my voice over business!

This video, like everything I post here, is merely here to show what I can do as a voice over artist.