Old Style Pathe Newsreader Voice

The Pathe newsreader voice has proven incredibly popular in corporate presentations and radio commercials, and ordinarily, the voice is used to spoof the classic style of newsreading which dates back to a time when people actually had to go the cinema to watch the news.

Other people looking to parody such voices will look to the TV of the 1960s and 1970s and specifically, those wonderful safety films which children like me (obviously I’m speaking in the past tense here, I’m not a child, I’m nearly 45 years old, and whilst it might be lovely to declare that I embrace my inner child, words like that often get you flagged up on some very different databases, so I tend not to) were made to watch at school.

What’s interesting, is that our memories of these voices has actually been skewed. We’re so used to hearing the parodies that our brains are fooled into believing that that’s exactly what they sounded like. Search out a genuine newsreel on line and you hear that the voices are a lot less animated, and whilst there is that cheeky little smile when the newsreader makes an aside that suggests he’s speaking to the person seen on screen – you know the sort:

Of course that’s not real, but it illustrates that the caricature voice is more firmly burned into memory than the real thing. That’s the voice that people are looking for when they want a Pathe Newsreader for their corporate video or fun filled health and safety presentation.

At the risk of shameless self promotion, and let’s face it, why else would I be here, I’m pleased to say that my old style newsreader voice has been used as anything from a newsreader to an auctioneer to the voice of Foxy Bingo himself – granted, the last one was in Sweden, but it was still a fun job!

If you want to watch them, be my guest, but please take off your shoes first.