Only two more left!!! It’s Voice Over Advent 23

advent_calendar With only 2 doors left closed on the advent calendars in your kitchen, however will your children get their chocolate fix on Christmas Day? Oh sure, they’ll wake up with all the excitement that an overnight visit from the Fat Man himself (gimme a break, it’s Christmas), but what about the little piece of chocolate? Eh?????

Well for those of you sticking to my calorie free advent treats, feast your ears on another classic from the vaults of The VoiceMonkey. This voicemail greeting was amongst the first that was ever created. The message itself is fairly generic, because the idea is that you replace the words ‘the person you’re calling’ with your own name, and I record that for you. And just to be clear, I still will, so please don’t be afraid to ask.

If you’re new to using these, I’m afraid there’s no way to send a downloaded file straight to your voicemail greeting – trust me, I’ve tried. The easiest thing to do is to set the file up in the media player of your choice on your computer, then call your voicemail and go through to the greetings menu, select the option to record a new greeting and after you hear the beep, simply hold the phone up to your computer’s speaker and press play. Trust me – it works just fine.

So one more treat tomorrow – I’ll see you then.

Day 23