Payment Terms for Voice Artists

The demand for voice artists in the narration of corporate videos is better now than it’s ever been. Web videos, exhibition videos, even greeting cards with video screens built in provide a wealth of opportunity, and that’s great.

And so as we work more an more in the corporate sector, let’s take a look at payment terms, because this week I feel like challenging the status quo, and I would love to get your thoughts on the subject. Why is it, in the corporate world, that the buyer gets to dictate the payment terms?

Allow me to explain (actually, that opener is a bit of a waste of time isn’t it? It’s not like you’re going to stop reading mid blog). I’m often approached by companies who are looking to get their latest video narrated and then proceed to tell me that their terms are to pay 60 days. Well, hold on a second – if I’m the one providing the service then why are we working under your terms?

Does this happen in other services? Do you go into McDonalds and point out to the person behind the counter that you usually pay in restaurants after you’ve eaten your meal! Of course you don’t – they’re providing the service and we, the customer, work within their framework.

So how have we let this happen? It’s because in this, or indeed any economy, we’re terrified of saying no and potentially losing the business. We’ve thought of ourselves as small and lowered our own self worth, but why? I’m proud of what I do and I’m delighted when anyone feels that my services could be of value to their company. And that’s the keyword – VALUE. So when your next customer feels that they can lay down the law, just take a moment to think about this. They could probably find someone cheaper, faster, more local or with better terms but no, they’ve come to YOU – you and you alone have exactly what they are looking for.

Now as a small business I am genuinely thrilled at every enquiry I receive, so please keep them coming, and I am sure that we can agree on some payment terms that work for both of us.