Recording Silly Voices – Ja Ja Das is Good

My clients span a great spectrum of the business world. I’ve provided voice overs for dog trainers, power plants, restaurants, amusement parks and, at my proudest moment, was the voice of a talking penis for the NHS.

One industry that I know particularly well is the world of promotional merchandise, essentially because I’ve spent well over a decade working in it whilst building up my voice over business.

Various factories now use me to voice their on hold messages and I am also the ‘Voice of God’ for the British Promotional Merchandise Association’s Gala Dinner, and they get some pretty cool guests I can tell you. We’ve had Olly Murs, JLS, Alexandra Burke and this year I’ll actually be introducing Diversity, so I’m well and truly excited about that.

As for the silly voices aspect, one afternoon, a random thought entered my head whilst speaking with a German supplier. As I wrapped up the call, I broke in to my stereotypical German accent (sounds a lot like Bruno) and said “Ja Ja, das is good”.

Random indeed, but the resultant laughter lead to my starting to write down lyrics about promotional merchandise and several hours later, a whole song’s worth had been written. Another gentlemen in the office – Richard, is a fantastic song writer and so he suggested that if I recorded the vocals, that he would lay down some beats.

Well this collaborative project may have only taken a couple of hours, but it’s a good laugh and it’s here for you to enjoy.