Should I use a Voice Artist to Answer my Phone?

Good morning my favourite reader – yes you. The world of blogs is so over populated with opinions that it genuinely means something special to me that you’ve chosen to read mine. Let’s see if we can make the trip worthwhile for you.

I want to say six simple words to you and then I want you to think about how they made you feel. Ready? Here goes….”Your call is important to us.” Let it sink in…no? Well, there’s probably a good reason why, and that’s because if you had to really pay attention to those words, you may find yourself reaching for the nearest blunt object.

We all know why – it’s because we only ever hear it in circumstances where we don’t really believe that our call is important at all. Call centres are naturally the worst offenders, where row upon row of minimum wage monkeys tell you that there is nothing they can do to help you before passing you off to a supervisor who’ll tell you the exact same thing.

Not to mention the fact that they’ve allowed your anger to reach boiling point by making you wait for 20 minutes before they actually pick up the phone. And it’s in those twenty minutes that we’re told that our call is important. No other information, just that. In fact, our call is so important that they’re happy to mention it every 15 seconds.

To make matters worth, how often have you heard those words uttered by someone with all the sincerity and enthusiasm of a bowl of soup? Some monotone, poorly pronounced drone that forces you to wonder if the company you’ve called is actually worthy of your business at all.

And why bother telling us that the call is important. With so many junk calls these days offering to lower our debts, claim back our PPI or be awarded compensation for an accident we’ve never had, are there really that many calls left in the world that are actually important at all?

The point is that the genuinely important calls need to be met with professionalism, and a well scripted telephone greeting, recorded by a professional voice over, can make all the difference to your customers.

Face it, it’s the first voice they hear, and if your company greets every call with a message that makes your customers feel like an intrusion, then things need to change.