I am a Talking Mango. And some Lychees too

I think it’s fair to say that I am now working in a turkey free zone. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the stuff, and in and of itself it’s fine. It’s just that when it takes its place as the front runner of a massive 3 course (minimum) meal and your belt is […]

Voice Over for Informercials and Home Shopping Channels

Greetings blog fans! It’s been a busy time up here in the studio, and now that the buzz of voicing Santa Claus has finally come to a close, I can return to using my array of other voices to keep my clients happy. In this example, I’m actually just using my own. However, as a […]

My latest radio commercial

It’s always such a pleasure when a particular client decides that you are going to be the voice of their brand. Like a proud graphic designer whose logo will be seen by thousands of people, a voice over artist can take a little bit of pride every time their client’s advert is broadcast, be it […]

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