Now Dubbing Cartoons

For as long as I have been doing voiceovers, my one passion has consistently been animation. Indeed, it was impersonating cartoon characters that got me into this in the first place, and the chance to do it professionally has always been a goal of mine. When I moved into the field of dubbing, the process […]

What do dubbing actors look like?

Despite the occasional headshot on my agent’s site, or a nice photo that someone took of me and posted on Facebook, I really make very little effort to show off what I look like. It’s not because I am shy (far from it) or even conscious of my appearance. It’s because in the world of […]

The busy life of a voice over

It seems like ages since I write a blog post here, and a quick look at my stats shows me that it’s been nearly two months. Now, from an SEO perspective, that’s not good. Those lovely people at Google (and they really are lovely, oh, and of course other search engines are available but seriously, […]

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