Voice Over Artist saves Valentine’s Day

OK, so claiming to actually save Valentine’s Day might be a bit of a stretch, but without an attention grabbing title, what other reason would you have to read on? The truth is that my voice over services have saved many people around Valentine’s Day, Christmas, loved ones’ birthdays and so on. These very same […]

Why I put myself on Fiverr

There is a website which has proven to be woefully unpopular amongst my peers in the voice over community. It’s called Fiverr.com and for as little as $5, which is about £3 in proper money, you can hire graphic artists, copywriters, web programmers and of course, voice over artists. Now just to be clear. Your […]

Ask me about my voice over business

As you may have gathered if you were looking for a page on novelty ringtones and celebrity impressions, I have, in my time, dabbled in such areas. That’s not really fair, I’ve recorded close to 1000 of the things and they continue to be a lot of fun. So much fun in fact, that I […]

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