Voice artists need head shots too

I work in the world of sound. If you have look around this website – and I really hope that you do – you’ll notice that there are no pictures of me, and this is actually a conscious decision. To my clients, what I look like is completely unimportant, and I am really rather happy […]

Can I get the guy from the X Factor to announce my event?

Yes. Yes you can. To be honest, it’s not really anything to do with me, I’m not him, but I can help. His name is Peter Dickson, he’s a ruddy good bloke and if his fee is agreeable to you and provided he’s available, he’s all yours. Tell you what, here’s a link to his […]

Payment Terms for Voice Artists

The demand for voice artists in the narration of corporate videos is better now than it’s ever been. Web videos, exhibition videos, even greeting cards with video screens built in provide a wealth of opportunity, and that’s great. And so as we work more an more in the corporate sector, let’s take a look at […]

Can I just record my own Voice Over?

Recently I was asked to provide a quote for some dialogue to be recorded onto a new on line game. The dialogue in question was fairly simple, but it would be fair to say that the post production would take hours, so naturally I factored that into my quote. The client’s reaction was fairly typical, […]

Voice Overs – Asking the Important Questions

Well the Christmas festivities are well and truly under way, by which I mean it’s impossible to sit through one ad break without my kids believing that their parents have enough money and indeed storage to buy the East Wing of Toys R Us. One of the first thing that flashes through my mind (aside […]

It’s not just voice overs that need scripts

I was struggling for something to write about today. At the end of a long week of eLearning projects, radio commercials and corporate training videos, it was hard to know just what to focus on when it came to writing a blog. Still, those good people at Google love me so much more if I […]

Voiceovers for Gaming

Last Saturday I choose to broaden my knowledge as a voice artist just that little bit further and attended a one day training course on providing voiceovers for gaming. The course was presented by Hugh Edwards of High Score Productions, whose video game credits include Harry Potter for X Box Kinect and various versions of […]

How I got started as a voice over

On natural conversation that comes up whenever we meet new people, and strangely, the reactions all seem to follow a similar pattern. Tell someone you’re a comedian, and they’ll instantly ask you to say something funny. Why? It’s not like you get that in other walks of life do you? “What do you do?”, “I’m […]

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