Why cold calling as a voice over is so important

For many people, cold calling is a dirty word (or two words, for my more pedantic readers). The sheer thought of calling a complete stranger to offer your company’s goods and/or services can be terrifying to some. And that is understandable. More and more, our experience of the cold call is one of some foreign […]

Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Voice of God

No, not that sort of god. What I am talking about here is a Voice of God for your next corporate event, gala dinner or awards ceremony. You may well have asked your events production company to take care of everything for you, including sourcing your voice of god. If, however, you’d prefer to do […]

A Voice Over’s Approach to Language

First things first. I am typing this on the evening of Monday 2nd July. The weather in the UK is a sticky 32 degrees and my studio is in my loft where I can only use air conditioning when I am not recording because it’s just too loud. Being a voice over means I get […]

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