Latest Video Game Trailer is Epic

Greetings gaming fans. As you know, I was privileged last year to be the voice of the Skaven priests in Warhammer, Total War II. The role was a lot of fun, although screaming battle cries as a giant psychotic rat didn’t do my voice any favours – or my psyche for that matter! So it […]

Voice Artists Have to Trust Strangers

Providing the voice over to a corporate video can often leave one feeling a little disconnected from the project. By the time we receive the script, the visuals may not have even been put together yet. We’re given an idea of pace and tone and then it’s up to us to interpret what our client […]

Where can I get the Voice of Santa?

Well, despite the fact that my earliest Santa Claus voiceover enquiries came in a couple of months ago, now really is the time to let people know where they can find the voice of Santa Claus. Now many blogs are written on the premise that they are providing advice, and if that advice should happen […]

Voice Over Artist’s First Santa Claus Enquiry

I love Christmas. Not from the religious or even the commercial perspective, but from the fact that I get to bring joy to people of all ages as the voice of Santa Claus. When I started offering my services as Jolly Old St Nick a few years ago, I made a point of calling radio […]

Voice Over Artist for a Documentary

It seems that documentary has come an awful long way since its humble beginnings. Back in the earliest days of moving pictures, people would go to the cinema in order to watch the latest news reel: But how things have changed. Now we have entire channels dedicated to information programming. Indeed, some channels even work […]

Does a voice over artist need an agent?

For any of you reading this on the day that I wrote it, Happy April Fools’ Day – if indeed such a sentiment can be expressed. Believe it or not, my wife and I saw some really weird stuff on Facebook this morning and it was only around 30 minutes day, whilst giving the kids […]

Now Dubbing Cartoons

For as long as I have been doing voiceovers, my one passion has consistently been animation. Indeed, it was impersonating cartoon characters that got me into this in the first place, and the chance to do it professionally has always been a goal of mine. When I moved into the field of dubbing, the process […]

Voice Over Artist adds MC to his offering

For the past few years, I’ve had the great pleasure of being the Voice of God for the main event in the UK promotional merchandise industry’s calendar. Their biggest 2 day trade show features a gala dinner and awards ceremony and it’s a pretty big event, with over 900 people in attendance! Now, to be […]

I am a Talking Mango. And some Lychees too

I think it’s fair to say that I am now working in a turkey free zone. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the stuff, and in and of itself it’s fine. It’s just that when it takes its place as the front runner of a massive 3 course (minimum) meal and your belt is […]

You’ve been patient – here’s Voice Over Advent 15

Here it is, the long awaited sequel to Advent 14. Seriously, I can’t imagine anything being more widely anticipated this week. Unless you like Star Wars. Which I actually do – quite a bit. Today’s voiceover advent treat comes with a warning: Yeah, that’ll do. The bottom line is that this is a short comedy […]

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