The Voice of Santa available all year round!


Last year I had tremendous fun as the voice of Santa. I recorded on line games, corporate videos, website promos, radio commercials, and my most favourite was in making live phone calls to children as Santa.

Now you may well be reading this in the middle of Summer, but some people really do like to plan ahead, and I would hate to miss out on the opportunity to help them.

You can use Santa Claus to promote seasonal offers on your telephone system or website. Perhaps you’d like Father Christmas to be the spokesman for your new radio, TV or web commercial.

Santa has also been known to narrate documentaries and tell stories of seasonal good will:

My personal favourite, like I said, is when Santa gets to make a one to one phone call with a young boy or girl on Christmas morning to talk about the presents they’ve received. If you’re a parent and would like to set that up, then it’s incredibly simple, and so much cheaper than you might expect, so just fill out the contact enquiry form on the right, and I’ll come straight back to you.