The voice of your eLearning package

Greetings fans of the world that is Blog. I must admit that there are days when the creative juices do hit a bit of a bottle neck. I know that there is much that I could share with you, but I just wonder why any of you would care. After all, some random search on voiceovers or voice artists or eLearning has lead you here and now you find yourself questioning my credibility and desperately hoping that your attempts to leave won’t lead to a never ending series of pop up messages where a deal that started at a mere £500 could now be yours for just £27 but only if you act in the next 27 seconds..26..25..24…no, don’t panic, I hate those things too.

And so to my point, and that is that we all develop an instant relationship with the creators of a website. We may admire their products or their design, or perhaps appreciate their humour, or yes, we may even get angry at being forced to read a soup of lies, exaggeration and more lies when, if we were truly honest with ourselves, we know we should never have clicked in the first place.

The advent of instant information has given rise to a new form of communication, and that is the world of eLearning. Put simply, eLearning is any form of training that takes place on a remote basis. The student works through a seminar, or indeed an entire training course, at their own pace. Sometimes it can be a simple Powerpoint presentation, and sometimes it can be an entire series of modules with an examination at the end.

But where does the voiceover come in? Well think back to your own education – either in school or in the workplace. Were you given a manual or a book and simply told to work through it, or did you have someone talking you through the lessons? Exactly. The role of the voice over in the case of eLearning is to act as a virtual tutor. Their voice needs to feel conversational and reassuring, and they should deliver the subject matter at a pace which is slow, but without being patronising.

It’s a fine balance, because those students listening will come from a wide demographic. None the less, eLearning packages are becoming more and more common in the workplace, with training delivered to staff on a wide scale, but at a fraction of the cost of bringing in trainers and organising sessions. So who knows, perhaps the voice over artists of today are the teachers of tomorrow.

Scary thought.