Time for Voice Over Advent Day 9

advent_calendar1 Now it is possible that some amongst you may be thinking, “Hang on a second Paul, how come you’re late this morning?” A reasonable question, but calm down and I’ll explain.

For anyone who has not been following my exploits on social media over the past few days, I can tell you that I have just returned from LA after a 5 day trip to record a new promo demo, meet up with various producers and friends and overall have a very nice time.

The posts that you’ve been reading whilst I’ve been away were all set up prior to my departure and were posted automatically each morning at exactly 9.30am. This post however, is being written and published live, so you can blame jet lag and the school run for it’s tardiness.

Inspired by some of the things I got to see whilst I was away, like:

2015-12-06 10.08.30Yes, that is Heath Ledger’s actual costume, today’s offering is another from the VoiceMonkey archives.

Like all the voice mail messages on offer, right click on the Joker 1┬álink below. Save this file and then open it on the media player of your choice. Then call up your voicemail, go through to the option to record a new greeting, wait for the beep, place the phone near to your computer’s speaker and press play.

See you tomorrow.

Joker 1