Time to update the home page

Monkey SwingGood morning voice over fans and a very happy non denominational day off to you all.

This week I was privileged to have attended a fantastic webinar on how to make the most out of my website. I was even more thrilled when the host actually mentioned this very blog!

One thing that was made abundantly clear to me is that it can take as many as three whole clicks before any of you get to hear my demos, and in the world of the nano second attention span, that’s just two clicks too many!

And so it is that today, I have revamped the home page of this site so that my clients can get straight to the stuff that matters.

Of course, each individual page is still there, with new projects being added all the time. The corporate video page has been updated with a new project that I completed for a very well known brand. We’ve agreed that I would not name them here as it would be cheeky to steal any of their search traffic, but if you look really closely at the opening frames of the video, you’ll see who they are!

There’s also a new explainer video page as this is a style of voiceover that I really enjoy doing, and hence it made sense to give it its own spotlight.

So do enjoy the new and (I hope) improved website.