Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Voice of God

beach-clouds-dawn-391522 No, not that sort of god. What I am talking about here is a Voice of God for your next corporate event, gala dinner or awards ceremony.

You may well have asked your events production company to take care of everything for you, including sourcing your voice of god. If, however, you’d prefer to do it yourself, then here are few tips which could help you save a lot of time and money when planning your event.

Tip Number 1 – Live or Pre Recorded voice of god?

It’s a question that may, on the surface, seem a lot more straightforward than it actually is. The main difference for opting for a pre recorded voice of god is that it will be cheaper. When working with a live voice of god, they’ll need to have allocated time to get to the event. If it’s something like an awards ceremony, then you’ll certainly want to have a rehearsal before the main event. All in all, your voice of god is going to be onsite for at least six hours.

However, if your event’s announcements are simple enough, then your voice over artist could probably have them all recorded and edited within an hour, and is likely to charge you his or her basic studio fee.

So why use a live voice of god? Well at its most basic level, a live voice of god adds a real touch of flare to your event. In the case of an awards ceremony, your voice of god may well be reading out information about the winners as they approach the stage. A live voice over artist can judge the pacing of their read, and if the winners take a while to make their way to the stage, then a pre recorded announcement could result in a long and awkward silence before the winner gets to the microphone.

For something like a conference, where delegates are being told which seminars are taking place in which rooms, then a pre recorded announcement will suffice. Beware though – having your voice of god pre recorded leaves no room for last minute changes. Rooms sometimes need to be changed, timings altered, and some speakers fail to show up all together! Working with a live voice of god – sometimes referred to as a facilitator – can make those last minute changes sound like they were part of the plan all along, and that can go a long way towards presenting a truly professional conference.

Tip number 2 – Celebrity Voice of God?

Like any industry, there is a spectrum of talent available to you, and indeed, when it comes to a voice of god, there are some people who really are at the pinnacle of their career. Their voices are instantly recognisable – Alan Dedicoat from the likes of Strictly Come Dancing, Peter Dickson from The X Factor, Trish Bertram from the London 2012 Opening Ceremony – these people are true voice of god superstars, and naturally, their fees will reflect this.

But of course there are countless other, very talented voice over artists who regularly provide their services as a voice of god, and whilst still totally professional, are likely to command a slightly lower fee than those gentlemen mentioned above.

It goes without saying that not every voice over artist is also a voice of god. Just as someone with a voice suited for gritty documentaries is unlikely to voice a TV commercial for a new Barbie Doll. So if you choose to search for voice over artists (we’ll talk more about how to find your voice of god a little later) then do check to see that they have a section on their website which is dedicated to voice of god or announcer work, and check out their demos. If they’re the voice you’re looking for – great! Get in touch, find out their availability and book them straight away – again we’ll talk more about the booking process a little later in this article.

Tip number 3 – Male of Female voice of god?

Oh no! I’m not touching that one! The beauty of the voice of god industry is that it’s not one which was first dominated by men and then saw more and more female voice over artists joining. No – there has always been a choice of very talented male and female voice over artists from which to select your voice of god.

Indeed, the finalists for best Voice of God at this year’s One Voice Awards featured a great mixture of both female and male voice over artists and the standard of every entry was incredibly high. No wonder really, when you consider that across all the available voice over awards categories, over 2,300 entries were submitted. This meant that anyone in the final shortlist were regarded as being within the top 6% of the UK voice over industry.

The winner this year was the very talented Alexia Kombou, and I am delighted to give her a mention in this blog. It really was a thrill just to be nominated.

But to answer your question – listen to both and decide which voice you feel best reflects the mood you’re trying to set. It’s not easy to describe a voice when looking for a voice over artist, but once you hear the right one, you’ll know.

Tip number 4 – Do I really even NEED a voice of god?

Yes, I realise that this probably should have been tip number 1, but it’s too late now. A good question. Again, it really all depends on your event. An awards ceremony or gala dinner for, say, 200 guests would probably work perfectly well with just a compere. The room would be small enough that the winners’ walk to the stage will be very quick, hence no need what we call ‘citations’ – “The judges were very impressed by this company’s flair for the……etc, etc, etc).

So size is a factor here. Also, if you are looking at announcing at a conference, then the answer is a definite yes. Having one of the organisers running around and shouting at people is unprofessional and impractical. Your voice of god or conference facilitator is the glue that holds everything together (they’re also pretty handy when there are a lot of lost property announcements to be made).

For a larger awards dinner, I would also say yes. Recently I worked with a major publisher who host a number of industry awards dinners throughout the year. They had never worked with a voice of god before – their comperes had held the show together on their own. Once they made the decision to work with a voice of god, they quickly saw the extra dimension that it added to their event. Regular attendees of their events were impressed with the changes that they had made and everyone had a truly enjoyable night.

Your voice of god is a small investment in transforming your event into a night that everyone will remember, which of course means they’ll be buying even more tickets next year!

How do I find my Voice of God?

Bit of a loaded question, and of course if you’re on this page then you’ve already found one. As I said at the outset, many events production or AV companies will have a selection of voice over artists on their books. They will most likely have worked with the voices before and are more than happy to put them forward thanks to their professionalism and talent.

If you’d prefer to source your own, then you can go down the route of speaking with voice over agents who specialise in providing voice of god voice over artists. They’ll ask you some questions about your event and will then submit a shortlist of voices for you to listen to and eventually select. That same agent will also take care of any fee negotiations and availability issues as well.

Then again, if you’d prefer to do it yourself, then a google search for Voice of God is a good place to start, although don’t be surprised to find yourself presented with a number of religious pages as well!

When it comes to booking – don’t delay. Events tend to come in seasons and this means that good voice of god artists tend to get booked up – often months before the event in question. Your dates are probably already set in stone and you’ve got a lot of wheels in motion, so knowing that you’ve ticked the ‘voice of god’ box on your extensive to do list will certainly be a weight off your mind.

So can I help you?

If the subtext of this article wasn’t blatantly obvious, then I am an experienced Voice of God and I would love to help you with your next event. Whether you need pre recorded announcements, a live announcer, or a full bodied, in the flesh MC, I’m ready to help you. Give me a call on 020 8432 9834 and let’s talk about your project.