Unlucky for some – but not you, it’s Voice Over Advent Day 13

NW-advent-2012 And a very Happy Sunday Morning to you all. For many of you, it’s a chance to recover from the festivities of the night before. Then again if you have two young children, it’s a chance to get up the same time as you usually do, but just not worry about getting them ready for school.

It occurs to me that many of my Advent offerings don’t really invoke the spirit of the season, so today, something a little more festive that you’re welcome to use as a ringtone, or merely as a source of 24 seconds of amusement.

What’s more, it tips a nod to not just one religion, but two. If I’ve missed yours out, please don’t be offended – there’s really only so much I can do with my humble little blog.

Now just to remind you that if your children would like a phone call from Santa Claus himself, then please do click on my Santa page for more details – I can assure you it’s just as much fun for me as it is for them.

As always, right click on the Day 13 link below and select Save Link As, and then feel free to use the sound file however you like. I should probably put some legal disclaimer in here telling you that if you make a large sum of money from using it, that you’ll have to share that with me, so let’s just go ahead and say that I told you that here, and then let the lawyers handle it.

See you tomorrow.

Day 13