Use Social Networks to Get More Voice Over Work

Hello blog lovers, and of course a very special hello to the Google robot currently reading this document and deciding to put me on Page 1 of the search results of anyone looking for a male voice over artist. If indeed that search lead you here, then welcome, and please do help yourself to a complimentary muffin.

Let me also thank all of you who took the time to let me know which headshot you thought was more suitable. With a resounding majority, the shot labelled ‘serious’ won the day. Many of you felt that it still showed somewhat of an enigmatic smile, so it wasn’t really all that serious at all, but none the less, thanks.

I’m delighted to also, and perhaps for the first time, be giving some thanks to Facebook. Now let’s be clear, I don’t post on Facebook very often – what I had for dinner or how cute my children look whilst sliding down the stairs is rarely of interest to the masses. However, I do belong to a few groups that focus on the world of voiceover and thanks to some recent postings, was approached by a producer of radio commercials in the South of England.

The group in question own 5 radio stations and in the space of 24 hours, I’ve recorded commercials for all but one of them, which is fantastic.

My wife often asks me why I bother writing anything on Facebook, and now I can actually show her. If you are running a business, or are a solo trader like me, make a point of sharing your opinions and stories on line, because you never know who might be reading and in need of your services.

If you’d like a listen to some of the commercials in question, then please click below:]