Videos for local councils and civic offices


The ubiquitous leaflet is fast becoming a thing of the past. These days, your local council has so much more to tell you than whatever they can cram into a third of a sheet of A4 paper, jammed through your letter box at a time that instantly tells you that there’s no way that whatever just got delivered could actually be important.

So, what to do? Well the answer for many of them has been to put together explainer videos and post them on line. The audience is a lot more engaged because the people that visit those sites actually want the information in question, and that’s fantastic, because any little thing that we can do to stop the onslaught of junk mail can only be a good thing.

Many council recruit the services of fully fledged video production companies and animation houses, who put together information films which are as entertaining as they are informative. If you’ve not seen this one before, it’s quite a treat, and I am the voice of both male dustbins:

Alternatively, if budgets are tighter, simple infographic videos such as this one can be just as effective at delivering the right message:

As production times are shorter, the producers can charge less, plus you have the added advantage of getting something out there a lot faster. Think about it – does your organisation tend to leave things to the last minute when it comes to outputting information? I know that many that do, so it’s reassuring that there is a way to do something about it.

If you’ve not worked with a video production company before, the selection process can be quite overwhelming. A search for “Video Production Companies in London” yields over 24,000 results, so you need to think about what’s important to you – is it speed, price or production quality that are at the top of your list? If you worked with a voice over artist before, why not ask them? Chances are they will have worked with a spectrum of video production companies before and will be happy to make a recommendation (they’ll probably want to voice it for you though – I mean it’s only fair isn’t it?)

So stop spending hours dwelling over which font you want to use for your leaflet and share your information in a way that’s really going to impress your audience.