Voice Over Artist for a Documentary

pathe1 It seems that documentary has come an awful long way since its humble beginnings. Back in the earliest days of moving pictures, people would go to the cinema in order to watch the latest news reel:

But how things have changed. Now we have entire channels dedicated to information programming. Indeed, some channels even work within a subset, so we have a History Channel and a Discovery Channel and National Geographic, to name but three. On top of that, film makers from non English speaking countries are also creating fantastic output, and have a need for such programmes to be shared with the English speaking world, hence there is a regular need not only for original voices, but also for dubbing.

Dubbing a documentary can prove to be incredibly difficult; more often than not because of the translation. A very short sentence in, say, Mandarin Chinese, could turn out to be very long when translated into English. However, the words need to be recorded to picture, which often means setting the timer, taking a VERY deep breath and hoping that you don’t stumble on any tricky sentences!

It’s difficult, yet rewarding work, as these programmes can often end up being seen by millions of people, which always looks good on the voiceover CV!

Most recently, I was asked to narrate a short series on the interesting world of sutures. I say interesting, because I genuinely learned a lot whilst voicing these, and as they’re a series, I’m looking forward to narrating the next one soon.

As the film in question has just been uploaded into the public domain, I’m delighted to be able to share it with you, so enjoy: